Foreign Students Studying

Seen at Carfax Tower corner. These girls were studying by way of forming the shapes of the English alphabet using their bodies.


The only way to travel

Spanish Guitarist

Seen playing in Cornmarket, his name is Walter, he's actually from Brazil but plays great Spanish guitar.


Seen in Cornmarket

Photographer Accessories

Seen in Cornmarket - cleary I need to up my game in terms of the photographic accessories I carry.

Bonnie & Johnny

One of Oxford's greatest guitarists (Johnny) teamed up with possibly Oxford's youngest busker (Bonnie). A very confident and promising performance! Look out for them in Cornmarket.

Post Its

Creative customer feedback at the bubble tea shop in the covered market.

Don’t worry boss, i’ll keep a look out

A trusty sidekick!


This time a little person keeping her eye on me.

Chef in a doorway

He's got his eye on me!

No Lycra for this man

This is the proper way to dress for cycling in Oxford.

Oxford Half Marathon

A few shots grabbed at todays Oxford Half Marathon.

Not Happy

This guy seemed pretty unhappy about me taking the photograph!


Disabled badge holders only.


Jocelyn in all his finery.


Meet Monty, the best dressed dog in town.

The most photographed busker

Rosie Burr – she has to be the most photographed busker in all of Oxford. Catch her most weekends in Cornmarket or check out her web site at

Don’t Take my Bike Away

Move it or loose it!

The Tourists are in Town

The tourists with their selfie sticks are in town

Name Unknown

I was a little scared to ask his name!

Merlin Porter

Merlin Porter, a full time artist pictured here taking part in an Oxford art project which had artists all over Oxford drawing and painting our beautiful city.


Henry has to be the coolest violin player in Oxford. He is travelling around, moving from town to town as it takes his fancy and playing the odd festival here and there.

Danni & Lauren

The lovely Danni & Lauren. From Didcot but in town and decorated for Oxford Pride.


Another Oxford street advertising bike. This one from Bill’s restaurant in St. Michael’s Street.


Monika comes from Poland. She is working in one of the Oxford colleges and supplementing her income with her hand made jewellery and amazing hand drawn postcards. Get the originals before she becomes famous because then they will of course be worth a fortune!

New Oxford Phone Boxes

I am guessing this must be the new style Oxford Phone box that you will see springing up all over the town.

How to Accessorise

Make up your own mind whether this look is really working or not? I am not sure the choice of accessories really compliments the outfit!


Marissa, all the way from Germany, looking really pleased with her bargain Bass guitar just bought from the Mind shop in Jericho, Oxford.

Night Dancers

A couple dancing during the closing moments of the Halfway to 75 music festival at the ISIS Farmhouse. I was shooting in natural light and there wasn’t really any, hence shot is a little blurry but conveys the great atmosphere I think.

Jocelyn the Cartoonist

I am a cartoonist mainly, I sketch for exercise in an effort to sketch people faster and more accurately. I am also interested in using psychology and psychological software to improve my own visual memory, so that I can draw better as well as to teach drawing more efficiently.

A Knight

Jed, one of the band members of The Knights of Mentis (@KnightsOfMentis), headlining Halfway to 75 at the ISIS Farmhouse.

Spectacular Beard

Dave Lambert, support crew for the band The Knights of Mentis (@KnightsOfMentis) as seen at the Halfway to 75 music festival at the ISIS Farmhouse. He is not nearly as scary as he looks!


This giant of a man apparently has an outfit that he occasionally wears that makes him a foot taller still. He told me he was working on a variation that is likley to add a further six inches to that! Look out for a later post sometime in the future when hopefully I will get to shoot him in his full glory.

Will Banks

Will, the organiser of the Halfway to 75 music festival at the ISIS Farmhouse documenting the events of the day.

Taking a nap

Seen on Shoe Lane. It was only about 2 in the afternoon but I guess he needed some sleep, and a shady place, in the heat of the afternoon seemed like a good idea.

Edgy Haircut

Seen at Halfway to 75 music festival at the ISIS Farmhouse

Oxford’s Tom Waits

What’s your name? Fluff, everyone calls me Fluff. Sorry I am not on very good form today!


From the ‘Human Intervention’ category. Formosan’s advertising bike.

A couple of beautiful Italians

Oxford is awash with foreign students this time of year. These two beautiful Italians had flowers in their hair but failed to explain why, even when I asked them in Italian!

In a trance

She was walking with her eyes shut, as if in a trance. I didn’t have the heart to stop her.

Walking Tours Oxford

From the ‘Human Intervention’ category. One of Oxford’s advertising bikes.

Rosie Burr

I gave up gymnastics about 3 years ago, now I just do it to keep fit. I am studying nutrition at Brookes University

The Oxford Pantry

From the ‘Human Intervention’ category. One of Oxford’s advertising bikes.

Alice’s Day

Alice’s Day – At least I think this is why he is dressed like this.

Uni Cyclist with Guitar

As seen heading towards St. Giles. I tried to catch up but the lights changed and he was gone, far into the distance heading north!

Unknown Artist

He was just leaning against the window, sketching, and watching the people go by.

Lee & Che

Do you play anywhere else in Oxford? I run the open mic night on a Wednesday evening down at the Cape of Good Hope

Two Girls

They just turned their backs and walked away!


That looks so good! It’s goooood!

The Philosophy Student

Are you a student here in Oxford? I am studying Philosophy at Blackfriars.

That’s a Wolf Right?

That one at the back, it’s a wolf right? (I didn’t get a reply!)